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16th Section Garages
These is one of the streets on the 16th section of the city of Yerevan. It is considered a suburb. Every morning, starting around 6:30, people slowly get out on the street, waiting for buses or mini buses to go to work. In the foreground many home made garages are lined up by the residents of the adjacent high-rise apartment buildings. These were done after the Armenian independence. People took it upon themselves to make things a little better with what ever means they could.
There is a mechanic shop and a parking lot across the street.
Alley walk
A woman walking in the alley behind Erebuni Hotel, UNICEF office is nearby.
Notice the satellite dish to your left on the balcony.
American Armenian University
Front view from the street.
Ani Plaza Hotel
Front view from the Sayat-Nova Street. One of the nicer hotels in Yerevan.
Apartment Building
One look tells a thousand stories of the life in Yerevan for the average person. One can notice by looking at the walls that nothing is repaired or maintained. People try to keep cool in the summer by hanging sheets outside on their balconies.
Looking out the window on the out from Yerevan in the airplane. The last glance of the Armenian symbol.
Another view of Mount Ararat
The majesty of this mountain is felt from Armenia.
Last view before Take off
Aerial view near Yerevan
Another aerial view
Farm lands from above
Aerial view of city
Astafian Hotel Night Club
Across the street from Yerevan Hotel on Abovyan Street.
View of Astafian from across street.
Kino Moskva (Cinema Moscow) to the right. Yerevan Hotel to the left.
Walking left on Abovyan will get you to Hanrapetutyan Square.
An old building
a farm house in the city? or some kind of a shop?!
Stairway to an old house
Nothing has been painted for years.
High rise apartment buildings
suburb of Yerevan.
16th section apartment buildings
To the left is the remnant of a circular medical complex that was supposed to be state of the art when it was left half finished/unfinished after the collapse of the Soviet Empire. The other half of the building has no outside wall. Cranes sit in the middle, idle for years. Most buildings here as well as other parts of Yerevan need major repairs and maintenance. Most have only one elevator working. In some places top floors don't have water because of broken pumps or pipes. They have to come down and take water from outside faucet. Winter times could be very hard.
Buses in Yerevan
Some are dual fuel, Gasoline and natural gas, some are electric. Rates are cheap.
Bus with gas canisters on the top.
Wires on top of the streets are for electric city trains (tramways) and electric buses.
Buildings in the background show similar things, hung sheets and need for repair.
Most people do not have air conditioning. In summer the temperature gets real high.
Outdoor cafe
One of many all over Yerevan, specially near the opera house and Hanrapetutyan Square.
Another outdoor cafe
At the footsteps of Armenian Memorial Complex.
Charlie Pizza Restaurant
A beautifully decorated restaurant with good food on Abovyan St. near Ani Plaza Hotel.
Charlie Restaurant
The restaurant has sidewalk sitting. Very nice setting.
Little houses
Rooftops are mostly visible with a yard in the middle.
Lone dog
On the street and on its own. One of many dogs that have been abandoned because of hardship, specially during early 90's while there was tremendous suffering because of lack of electricity, Azeri blockade and so on.
The same dog
Staring aimlessly and visibly unhappy near the main hospital in Yerevan.
Complex across Erebuni
Residents of the building are mostly the earthquake victims and refugees of Azerbaijan.
The garage
Man taking his car out of his home made garage in the morning.
Garbage truck
standing in the alley.
Erebuni Hotel gate
At the "Hrabarak" Hanrapetutyan Square. Erebuni is to the left. Once outside there are offices all around for phone, fax, e-mail, Internet as well as a post office.
Clothing hanging out to dry in the balcony. Sheets covering the windows.
Old house
Kids sitting on the bench.
Old house
Different view
Old house
On the way to Vernisaj. This property wall was built by the owners using rocks.
Armenian National Museum
In Hanrapetutyan Square. This is the building, in front of which stages are set for celebrations, shows and concerts. The museum includes pictures as well as historical artifacts.
Hrabarak (Hanrapetutyan Square)
Cars and taxis are parked to the left. Also to the left are the "shatervans" fountains. In the middle and to the left of the streets are many outdoor coffee shops and restaurants, all have beautiful settings. Walk down the street, follow on through Khorurdarani Street until you reach Grigor Lusavorich Street. There to your left you will find the French Embassy which is a very beautiful building that used to belong to a famous artist.
Armenia Hotel is visible. Front right.
3rd district or section of Yerevan
Main square in that area. In the middle is the subway station, water fountains and cafes. All around and down in the subway station area are shops. At night there are hundreds of people who venture out here for walk, ice cream coffee or just to meet and talk to friends.
Hrabarak-3rd section
Hrabarak-3rd section
Hrabarak-3rd section
Hrabarak-3rd section
Hanrapetutyan Square
Taxi on a break
At the hrabarak
. Some of these taxis work 12 to 14 hour shifts.
Another view of the hrabarak
Government building up front where there is stage preparation for the anniversary of the independence.
View from front of the Erebuni hotel gate. It seems to be empty but most the times there are plenty of cars around.
right side of the picture above. Notice the lack of lines on the streets.
Yerevan/Astafian/Kino Moskva circle
Kino Moskva
Even if you don't want to see a movie, just go and see the place, it's beautiful, sit inside and have a coffee.
Kino Moskva
one more view
A lift in need of repair.
Almost all the elevators in the city are in need of repair and maintenance. This one like many others had it's decorative wood frame removed for heating purposes during the bad years of early 90's. Wood hand rails were used also to heat rooms and keep the family warm during those harsh years. None were replaced.
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 Photograph taken on: 10/13/2000
This is the place to find old (hundreds and over a thousand years old) books in Armenian, mostly religious books, bibles. It is definitely worth a visit. Although the road to it used to be cleaner and the trees used to be trimmed years ago.
City view from top of the steps.
This is at the footstep of Matenadaran. Statue is of Mesrob Mashtots.
Inside Matenadaran
School children paying a visit to look at the books and listen to the narration from their teachers.
Open market (vernisaj)
Farmers selling their fruits and vegetables on a sidewalk in one of the streets. Scenes like this are plenty. The fruits and vegetables are outstanding. The prices very cheap but even with low prices some can't afford them. Notice the plastic bags are from the US and Iran.
Another view of an open market (vernisaj)
Notice how richly colored everything is.
The Opera house
The place used to be the center for high quality operas and ballets. There are still shows here but not like the old days. Nearby are outdoor cafes and open park space. Notice the stage that is setup for music in the center.
Young people, mostly students
standing on the street and talking. A very common scene specially near the universities.
People walking on the street
To the right side is a barbershop/hair salons.
To the left one can see the wires inside the light post without cover.
Near Opera house
The center stage, people walking and little rental cars for children amusement.
Early morning
Two men waiting for the bus.
Telephone booths
The old style public phones. They are not coin operated but jeton operated which are sold in stores.
Closer look at phone booths
Taking off from the airport
Empty pool
This is a pool near opera house. It's usually full of water for the geese (right). At this time there were no water in the pool and the geese were sitting down waiting for the water.
This street to Vernisaj
The narrow street that goes to Vernisaj "The open market" not to be missed by the visitor.
Another view of Astafian
Notice the Pepsi delivery truck on the left side delivering Pepsi.
Street with shatervans in the center
Cars are parked at right and left. Many of the buildings are government offices.
A view of a street
Continuous running water on the street as is visible in the middle right section. The water never stops, there are no valves controlling the flow. In a city with water shortage there are many places that have uncontrolled wasteful runaway water.
A street scene
with a kiosk on the sidewalk, selling drinks, cigarettes, etc. They usually stay open for very long hours.
Street scene
rails visible in the center of the street for tramways and no visible lines to separate car lanes.
Another street scene
Another street scene
People cross the street from anywhere. Cars usually don't stop for pedestrians which makes it even more challenging to cross the street. One wonders what do the elderly do?
Street vendor
Someone selling little fruit he has by setting up just a table.
Shatervans street
near the hrabarak.
Abovyan Street
Looking at an apartment building on Abovyan Street.
A bar on one of the streets
Abovyan Street
Woman waiting for taxi.
A man hanging some red flags for decorations. An older woman trying to cross the streets with her hands full.
Looking at Amiryan Street
Electric buses on the road.
Hrabarak at the 3rd district
A very beautiful Russian restaurant
on one of the streets near the hrabarak.
A store
to the left. In the middle are card operated public phones.
Street vendors
Selling their goods on the side walks, putting their fruits, eggs and vegetables on cardboard boxes, waiting for customers.
Crossing the street
People looking for the cars to pass so they could cross the street safely.
Beautiful sky early in the morning over the city.
Inside a taxi
with cracked front windshield.
Almost all taxis have broken windshield.
Inside another taxi
going around the city costs anywhere from 500 dram to 2000 dram.
Red light
Waiting at the traffic red light. It is very hard to see the red light for the foreigner. Also noteworthy is the fact that the lights change from red to yellow then to green!
Young university students
crossing the street.
People shopping in Vernisaj, where vendors start setting up shop around nine in the morning.
Many families make their meager living by selling their art in any shape and form to the tourists here.
Many of the works are hand made that take several hours to do such as miniatures, some are made using machines to polish the beautiful stones. Some are imported from Russia.
Stoneware are very popular. Many rings, watches, key chains and monuments are fabricated with them. Khachkars are carved from wood and are very beautiful but more expensive. Also backgammons could be found here carved from solid wood, absolutely beautiful pieces but expensive.
Looking at the city from hilltop.
Communication offices
to the left.
A hilltop view of Yerevan
on a hazy day. On a day after rain everything looks sharp and beautiful and visibility is excellent.
Yerevan Hotel at night
At night the whole area looks very beautiful.

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